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We make it easy for you to protect your business name or a logo by helping you file your trademark.

Copyright Filings

Claim ownership and protect your original work, such as books, videos and music from being duplicated without your permission.

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Business Licenses

License, Permits, and Tax Registration Package

We’ll research all of your business’s license requirements and provide you with all the forms you’ll need to stay compliant. Our package includes:

  • An overview of the required licenses, permits, & tax registrations
  • Licensing authority contact information
  • List of associated fees and where to send them
  • The license, permit, & tax registration applications
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Most businesses require at least one to operate

Ignoring the importance of acquiring all of the required licenses and permits can be detrimental to your business. There are more than 100,000 different jurisdictions across the country, and each has its own required licenses and permits. Determining which ones are applicable to your business can be time consuming and confusing. Failure to obtain and renew the necessary licenses can lead to fines or even a forced closure of your business. We will help you by identifying all the business licenses you need and all the information and forms you will need to file, and sending them to you in our unique business license package.

Common Requirement Examples

  • General business licenses
  • Tax registrations
  • Liquor licenses
  • Health department permits
  • State-issued occupational licenses
  • Reseller’s licenses

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Trademarks and Copyright

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