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Claim ownership and protect your original work, such as books, videos and music from being duplicated without your permission.

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Incorporating a business provides many benefits for any type of business. Save time, money, and hassle when you use our professional document filing services to help form your corporation.

By Filing a Corporation With MyCorporation, You Can:
  • Protect your personal assets with liability protection
  • Set up a strong foundation to take on financing for the business
  • Establish credibility with customers
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Why incorporate your business now?

Chances are you’ve considered the key benefits of incorporation in Canada:

  • Secure personal assets through liability protection
  • Save money on taxes
  • Establish credibility with customers

But you have a business to manage, and incorporating takes time.

Let the business filing experts at PandaBiz.Net save you time, hassle, and money to incorporate your business.

  • We make incorporating a business affordable.Our incorporation services start at just $89 (plus required government fees). Lawyers charge, on an average, over $200 per hour. With our document filing services, you know exactly what you need, what you are getting and how much it all costs from the very beginning.
  • We take the bureaucracy out of incorporating.You could file everything yourself, but when you consider the time needed to file, administer and maintain all the documents necessary to keep your business running legitimately, why would you? PandaBiz.Net offers you serious savings when it comes to your time and resources.
  • Help is a phone call away.Call one of our business filing experts to walk you through the incorporation process. Or, simply answer our questionnaire online that walks you through the process step-by-step, and one of our experts will contact you to confirm and track your order. We are an online service, backed by real people.
Trademarks and Copyright

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File a Copyright Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to the authors of “original works of authorship....

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