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We make it easy for you to protect your business name or a logo by helping you file your trademark.

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Claim ownership and protect your original work, such as books, videos and music from being duplicated without your permission.

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Corporate Kits

Professional Document Presentation

You may want to upgrade to our Elite Kit at the time of forming your business. Our upgrade offers a professional presentation for the maintenance of your important documents.

Our Elite Corporate Kit Includes:
  • Customized Corporate Embosser
  • Sample Corporate Documents
  • Professional Presentation For Your Documents.
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Elite Corporate Kits

You may want to opt for our elite corporate kit at the time of your incorporation order.

Our high-quality kit arrives with your corporation’s name embossed in gold on the matching slipcase.

Inside you’ll find a steel, hand-held corporate embosser with your company’s name and year of filing, state of formation, sample bylaws and minutes, stock transfer ledger, and 5 customized corporate share certificates.

To get the elite kit, simply check off this item on your incorporation or LLC order form. And, if you need an additional kit, or want to upgrade at any time, you can order one here.

Initial Report

File Your Initial Report In some states, corporations or LLCs are required to pay annual fees and taxes for the privilege of operating as a state-l...

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Professional Corp

Why form a Professional Corporation? A Professional Corporation is a legal structure authorized by state law for a fairly narrow list of licensed p...

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