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Corporate Minutes and Bylaws

Internal Documents necessary to operate your corporation

Our Customized Minutes & Bylaws Package includes a variety of common documents and ledgers needed to run your business.

Our Document Package Helps You Manage:
  • Manage how your business is run
  • Organize business meetings
  • Summarize duties and outline individuals roles
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Minutes and Bylaws

Our customized Minutes and Bylaws Package includes most of the internal documents necessary to operate your business after incorporating. Although we cannot provide legal advice, our staff attorneys have drafted Corporate Minutes and Bylaws suitable for many corporate situations.

In a business situation, Bylaws are drafted by the corporation’s founders or directors under the authority of its Articles of Incorporation. While Bylaws vary, they usually cover such topics as:

  • How directors are elected
  • How meetings are organized
  • Officer roster and summary of duties

Our customized Minutes and Bylaws Package includes many of the internal documents necessary to operate a corporation. The following items are included in your Corporate Minutes and Bylaws package:

  • Customized Corporate Minutes
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Waiver of Notice of First Meeting of Board of Directors
  • Notice of Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
  • Minutes of Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
  • Waiver of Notice of First Meeting of Shareholders
  • Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
  • Minutes of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
  • Stock Transfer Ledger

You will receive all documentation printed on 28 lb. high quality paper. We also include Microsoft Word versions of the sample documents so you can edit them easily.

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