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Copyright Filings

Claim ownership and protect your original work, such as books, videos and music from being duplicated without your permission.

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DBA Filings

Doing Business As

A DBA filing allows your business to conduct business and receive payment under a name different than your legal name.

By Filing a DBA With MyCorporation, You Can:
  •  Accept payments under an alternate business name
  •  Open up a bank account in the name of the business
  •  Conduct business with an alternate name
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What Is a DBA?

What is a DBA, and why do I need one?

DBA stands for “doing business as” and is an official registration of your business name. In some states, this can be referred to as a “fictitious business name” or “assumed” name. DBA registration is important when you want to conduct business or accept money under a name other than your own, and can be used to create an alternate name for another business that has already been filed. It is also important when creating a business bank account, as most banks generally require it.

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Benefits of filing a DBA

  • Open a bank account and collect checks and payments under your business name
  • Start advertising your business publicly
  • Present your business professionally by collecting checks and payments under your business name
  • Discourage others from registering your name by officially using your DBA
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