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We make it easy for you to protect your business name or a logo by helping you file your trademark.

Copyright Filings

Claim ownership and protect your original work, such as books, videos and music from being duplicated without your permission.

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Seals & Embossers

Authenticate Your Corporate Documents

Your corporate seal is an official seal used by your company and is required by most banks. A seal is an impression printed on a document in order to authenticate it, instead of a signature.

Ordering a Corporate Seal Is Easy:
  • Display your company’s name, state of incorporation and year of formation.
  • Ensure your corporate documents cannot be forged or duplicated without permission
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What is an Embosser?

Historically, signed documents weren’t considered authentic unless the official seal or mark was imprinted upon them. An embosser is a hand-held tool, imprinted with your corporation’s or LLC’s name, date, and state of formation. Authenitcate your own documents with a traditional embosser. When applied to paper, it creates a raised pattern “signature” to indicate the authenticity of your corporate or LLC documents.

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Why form a Non-Profit Corporation? Chances are you’ve considered the key benefits of forming a Non-Profit Corporation (public benefit corpora...

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