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Claim ownership and protect your original work, such as books, videos and music from being duplicated without your permission.

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Let’s start off with the name and address of person who will be placing this order. We use this information to contact you about your order and confirm your details before we file your documents. If you wish to save your progress along the way, add a password so that you can return to finish your order at another time.
Provide the desired name and address for your business. We will check to make sure the name you choose is available to use in your state. We only check the other names if your first choice is not available. Please include a designator ( L.L.C., LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, LLC, or Limited Liability Company ) with each company name.
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The owners of a Limited Liability Company are called "Members". You can add up to 8 members to your business below. The default is equal ownership among members you add, or add a contribution and fair market value to each member to calculate ownership based on contributon. You can also choose to designate a CEO at this time.

Chief Executive Officer

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Adding our most popular filings to your business formation package saves time and money and helps eliminate additional paperwork after you have filed your business.

Registered Agent

Accepts legal and official documents on behalf of business. Required by law in all 50 states. Allowing MyCorp to serve as your RA will help keep your business in compliance ensure you receive all necessary business documents.

Let MyCorporation act as my registered agent for one year, for an introductory price of $120.00 (Automatic Annual Renewal Price of $169.00)

Federal EIN - Employer Identification Number

An EIN is a federal identification number issued by the IRS to identify a business entity. EINs are also known as a Federal Tax ID number. An EIN is similar to a personal Social Security Number, but for your business. Each corp or LLC has a unique EIN.

Yes, I would like to obtain an EIN for $69.00

S-Corporation Election

With an S-Corp election the shareholders are taxed like a partnership or sole proprietorship. A C-Corp or an LLC may make an IRS “S-election”.

Yes, I would like to have MyCorporation prepare the S-Corp Election Form for $39.00

Rush Filing Services

Do you need your corporate documents quickly? Save up to 85% of the Standard Filing turnaround time. Your Documents will be hand delivered to the Secretary of the State’s Office for immediate filing..

Add Rush Filing to your order for $99.00 (plus expedited filing fee of $99.00)

Based on the items you ordered, we've picked the top products your business needs:

Customized Operating Agreement

Includes common documents and member certificates needed to run your business.

MyCorpVault Document Storage™

Store and share all corporate and business documents in one place. (Annual Auto Renew)

Annual Report / Statement of Information

Nice To Have
Corporations and LLCs must report to the state information about business activities, business locations, and current contact information for owners/managers. Most states require this information be updated annually. (Annual Auto Renew)

MyIncGuard™ Tax Deadline Notices

Nice To Have
Receive monthly reminders on annual reports, quarterly tax returns, and year-end notices to stay in good standing with the State. (Annual Auto Renew)


Nice To Have
Maintain your business in good standing with any 4 business filings/year included. (Annual Auto Renew)

Corporate Supplies

Nice To Have
The Elite Kit is a professional, personalized binder to retain corporate documents, along with the corporate seal.
Elite Corporate Kit - $100.00 Seal and Embosser - $40.00

Business License Compliance Package

This package includes the necessary research of your business's license requirements, along with the forms you'll need to stay compliant.

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

Required in each state where you hire employees.

State Income Tax (SIT) Withholding

ID Required for payroll with employees.

Sales & Use Taxes (SUT)

Required when selling taxable property and/or certain services.
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