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Certificates of Good Standing

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Many companies that do business with you will request a “Certificate of Good Standing” to ensure that you are running your business by the rules and regulations as required by law. This formality protects the entire business community.

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What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

Certificate of Good Standing, also known as a “Certificate of Existence” or “Certificate of Status”, is a certificate issued by a state official as evidence that your corporation or LLC is in existence, and is authorized to transact business within that state.

Examples of situations in which a Certificate of Good Standing may be required include:

  • To qualify/register as a foreign entity in a state other than your formation state
  • To obtain financing
  • To sell a business
  • To renew a license or licenses
  • To enter into many business transactions and contracts
  • To ensure that the state has received all fees, taxes and any penalties owed
  • To ensure that ” Articles of Dissolution” have not been filed with the state.
  • To open a bank account

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