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What is a Certified Copy?

A certified copy is a duplicate of an original document that is certified as a true copy. These are useful for a variety of business and regulatory reasons.

Certified Copies are copies of any document that an entity has filed with the state which are then officially certified by that state. It is an official state-issued certificate verifying that the document referenced is a true and correct copy of the original document that was filed.

Often, Corporations and Limited Liability Companies are required to provide certified documents. Examples include the following:

  • A Secretary of State may request certified copies when an entity intends to foreign qualify, or
  • An individual or entity loses the original corporate documents and needs to maintain their internal company records.

The most common request is Certified Copies of Articles of Incorporation and All Amendments Thereto.

Other types of documents for which requests for certification are frequently received include:

  • Formations
  • Amendments
  • Certificates of authority (qualification documents)
  • Dissolutions
  • DBA/Fictitious Names

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