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Formally Close a Business With The State

Save money on annual fees and taxes by notifying the state that you are formally closing your business.

The Benefits of Filing a Dissolution:
  • Formally close your business with the state of incorporation
  • Avoid paying unnecessary taxes and annual state fees
  • Prevent late fees and additional charges
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Articles of Dissolution

Whatever the reason — some companies must “close the door” and stop doing business. Without the formal termination of a corporation or LLC, owners could still be charged fees associated with the business.

A Corporation or LLC must file Articles of Dissolution (sometimes referred to as Certificate of Dissolution or Certificate of Cancellation) when it needs to terminate its existence.

Whenever a Corporation or LLC is an active entity at the Secretary of State, it is in existence and has specific obligations to that state (such as filing Annual Reports, paying state fees, and paying taxes). Even if the company is not actually doing any business at all, as long as the company is filed with the state, it is considered to be in existence.

For this reason, it is important to officially and formally dissolve your entity with the Secretary of State in order to avoid any unnecessary fees.

We’ll prepare your Articles of Dissolution for review and submission to the appropriate state agency in any of the 50 states.

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