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File a Withdrawal

Stop Doing Business in Other States

If you filed a foreign qualification in a state that you no longer conduct business in, file a withdrawal to protect your business.

  • Stop conducting business in a specific state
  • Avoid paying unnecessary taxes and annual state fees
  • Prevent late fees and additional charges
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Withdrawal From a State

A Corporation or LLC that has previously foreign qualified in a state other than their home state, generally need to file a Withdrawal to stop doing business in that state, to ensure it will have no further obligations to that state.

If this is your situation, let us file a Withdrawal for you as quickly as possible. We will prepare your Withdrawal for your review and submission to the appropriate state agency in any of the 50 states to assist you in withdrawing your corporation or LLC.

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Corporate Minutes and Bylaws

Minutes and Bylaws Our customized Minutes and Bylaws Package includes most of the internal documents necessary to operate your business after incor...

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