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What is a Foreign Qualification?

Corporations or Limited Liability Companies ( LLC ) formed in one state can do business in another state. Before conducting operations across state lines, a business may be required to file for a foreign qualification, or obtain authority to do business in that state.

A corporation or LLC is considered to be domestic only in the state in which it was incorporated.

In all other states, a company is regarded as a foreign corporation or foreign LLC.

If your company expects to transact business outside the state in which your company was formed, you may be required to file for a Foreign Qualification.

For example: If your company incorporated in the state of Nevada, but has an office and employees in California (in essence, based in California), then you would generally have to file for foreign qualification within the state of California. In other words – you must apply for authority to conduct business in California.

We can prepare Foreign Qualification documents for your review and submission to the appropriate state agency in any state so that your corporation or LLC may operate as a foreign entity within that state.

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