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Business Maintenance Filings

New corporations and LLCs often have additional filing needs after getting started. We’ve created this business maintenance package to meet the needs of new business start ups, and to help maintain existing businesses with ongoing filing requirements.

  • Get important business documents filed whenever you need them
  • 16 total document filing services to choose from
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Four business filings a year.

Once your corporation or limited liability company has been formed, PandaBiz.Net can help you manage the future of your new entity with MaintainMyBiz. With this corporate maintenance package, you select the filings you need for your business and we file them whenever you’re ready. With 16 products and services to choose from, you can customize your package to meet your business needs.

What’s Included? You can select up to 4 filings every 12 months from the following list of 16 products and services:

  • Initial Report
  • Annual Report
  • Corporate Seal
  • S-Corp Election
  • Amendment
  • Stock Certificates
  • Membership Certificates
  • Corporate Minutes and Bylaws
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Fictitious Business Name (DBA)
  • Foreign Qualification
  • Certified Copies of Documents
  • Apostille
  • Dissolution
  • Reinstatement
  • Certificate of Good Standing

We know that each business is unique. So the flexibility of this package can work for almost any corporation or limited liability company.

New Business Example Let’s say your new California corporation is called Food Incorporated and you are in the restaurant business. With MaintainMyBiz, you may choose to get an Initial Report, Fictitious Business Name, and a Foreign Qualification. So your new California corporation is set up to be compliant with the state, ready to hire employees, you can operate your restaurant under a different name (like Fast Food To Go) and you can get ready to expand your restaurant chain to another state. Now, you may not need all these services at once, so we give you 12 months from date of package purchase to redeem up to 4 filing products and services.

Existing Business Example You’ve been in business for 3 years. But you’re tired of the hassle of maintaining your corporate paperwork. Well, you may want us to file your Annual Report each year. And maybe you’re in construction and need to get Certified Copies of your Articles of Incorporation each time you submit a new project bid. Let’s say you’ve moved recently and need to update your business address with the State – then you would need an Amendment.

As you can see, there are many situations in the life of a corporation or limited liability company where you may need document filing services. PandaBiz.Net is here to help.

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