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Involuntary dissolution doesn’t have to end a business. If this happens to you, let us file a Reinstatement for you as quickly as possible.

MyCorporation can help you:
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  • Complete your reinstatement paperwork accurately
  • Submit the paperwork and notify when the process is complete
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What is a Reinstatement?

There are certain legal regulations that businesses must follow to remain legitimate. Failing to follow these requirements (we all make mistakes!)—could cause a business to be involuntarily dissolved by the state. If this happens, file a Reinstatement as quickly as possible.

In most states, businesses are required to pay annual fees and taxes for the privilege of operating as a state entity and must submit an Annual Report (sometimes called a Statement of Information). If an incorporated business or LLC fails to file an Annual Report and pay requisite fees, that business may fall out of good standing, or even be involuntarily dissolved by the state. If this happens, the state will more than likely require that a business file a Reinstatement to restore it to active status and good standing.

We can prepare your Reinstatement for your review and submission to the appropriate state agency in any of the 50 states. This will ensure that your Corporation or LLC is in full compliance with its corporate formalities, and is restored to active status and good standing.

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